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I used these for my game here:

Thank you for the great pack!

you're welcome dude, good luck.


So is it cc0?

yes, enjoy!

You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art

Thanks for the tip dude, good luck.

I used it in a 2D action.

Thank you for your wonderful work!

with the word of dani: thanks laredgames, very cool

Hey, I used two of you assets in my game that I just released on and credited you in the details and credits section. Much appreciated!


Thank u dude, good luck.

Hi, i used your asset in a game, i hope you like it <3
Jojo_Cat by Yusei Umehara (

Great job, I really like the Coins! Gonna use them in my next game so thanks a lot for sharing them :)


=) u are welcome.

Thank You! i used this sprite in my game:

The Coin looks really good! <3

Hi, I used some of your resources in this music video I made. Check it out and share if you'd like.

Thanks for sharing! I've used your assets in my js13k game:

Credits in the game repository.

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Hi! My group and I used your gems for our game if you wanna check it out :)

I think thats cute!

Wow this is great guys! Could I use it in a course I'm creating? I will credit you and put a link to this page of course! But I would need to redistribute the sprites among the students of the course so I prefer asking you first :)

Thanks for your work tho, it's awesome! <3

no problem dude, good luck.

thanks guys!! <3

Thanks for the great asset! I used the gems as a spell for my game Wizard TD.

Take a look if you like:

Great =D, nice game btw

Thanks :)

I transformed all the .png into .gif, do you want them to add them to the packs? if yes add me on discord -> "BlueOctopus # 8716"

done thx dude.

What pallete did you use?

These are great! Would I be able to re-distribute and edited version of these gems for a tutorial I'm putting together? I will make sure to credit you and link this page, I just wanted to verify if I can redistribute an edit (as long as I provide a link and credit).

Hi, thank u dude, of course no problem =D.

great asset! i used the gold and red coins in my game:

if you would like to try the game out i can send you a free copy :3 

Thank U dude, i would like to try your game.

awesome :D do you have somewhere i can send it to you? like an email or something? if i post it here someone else might snag the free key thank u XD.

sorry it took so long but i sent you the key in an email ^_^ hope you enjoy!

thank u again =D.

Amazing i just buy this i will credits you and when finish game i will show you,its good,simple and nice

Thank u so much dude =), i'll wait to try your game, good luck.

Hi there, I used this in my new game! Thank you for your great work :)


Hi, i'm glad to know, thank you and soon check your game, good luck.

Amazing art, congratulations!

I'm using and referencing it on my game:


Thank u, im not a pixelart pro  XD but i do my best,  good luck with your game.